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Richardson High School
Class of 1967



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2019 - 70th Birthday Bash 


It's been over a year since our 50th reunion at the Renaissance Hotel planned so well by Ted, Nell, and their very dedicated committee members.  It was so great to see everyone that we decided we could not wait five years before repeating it.  So, the 1967 RHS 70th Birthday Bash in Santa Fe, NM was announced.  This is a gentle reminder that OCTOBER 3, 4, & 5, 2019 are still on our calendar, for this event, and we hope they are on yours.  

Generally speaking, this is what will be planned:  Thursday will be very low  key (and a smaller crowd), Friday will be a Happy Hour at a large hotel where you buy what you want, and the money paid will go for the large dinner and reception Saturday night. Stay tuned for all the details as they evolve..  

Karen, Linda, and Charlie are communicating with each other, and our class computer techie, Ted, is transmitting information to all. 

Here's to a great summer, and we will stay in touch.


Karen Foster, Linda Blew Applewhite, and Charlie Shipp

If you remember the Deuback Skating Rink as fondly as I do then you probably remember the son, Johnny and the daughter, Carolyn. Johnny was the handsome boy that could skate like the wind, led all the special events (races, dances, contests)and had all the young girls watching him constantly. Carolyn was a beautiful young woman who became Miss Richardson after she graduated in 1961. She actually skated on the tiny stage at the Greenville Ave. school and then at the Miss Texas pageant in Fort Worth later that summer. Carolyn died tragically as a very young woman in 1967? from an auto-immune disease. She was married to the best looking guy and become a teacher. Great memories about the skating rink, the Duebacks and the old days!

Connie Williams Grimm

John Deuback Owner of Deuback Skating Rink, was born in Dallas, Texas on October 19, 1921. The good Lord blessed him with a long spiritually rich life and took him at the age of 96 at 12:18 AM on May 18, 2018. John was a faithful Christian and a loving husband, father, and friend. John grew up on Greenville Avenue where his family operated a General Store, rented cottages, and sold a variety of animals. John was 13 when they built Deuback Skating Rink. He was in the skating Show Business for 4-5 years with his wife before the war began- WWII. John served in the Air Force. John and Jean lived in Dallas, TX and worked the rink prior to moving to Bowie, TX 28 years ago.

For most of us, the skating rink was a fond memory.

Alan Hopewell

Reunion Videos

There are two new Reunion videos posted. To view, click on the Class Video link located on the left.

50 Year Reunion

Wow - what a great Reunion! Thanks to all who attended. Each one of you contributed to making it a wonderful experience. Please join us in posting our pictures to the Photo Gallery menu link on left under the 50 Year Reunion album. It would help to list a comment of who is in the photo in the area provided.

Also, our 2017 RHS Class of 1967 Directory is now available for download from the link on the left. It is in Adobe PDF format and you can view it with a Web browser. Please let us know if you have any issues reading it.

Special thanks to our Reunion Committee and all of the generous donors who made our reunion a sucsess!

Please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions that would help in planning any of our future RHS Class of 1967 reunions.

.... and come back to our Website often. If you move or change your contact info, be sure to update your profile accordingly.

Thanks Again!

Request From Alan Hopewell -

During my military moves, I lost my copy of our reunion tape which was made for our 1987 reunion. I think this was the year - it was the reunion where we had a really nice tape made which was hosted by Jay. If anyone has a copy, I would be very appreciative to be able to obtain a copy. Thanks, Alan

We have spread out to live in 40 states + Washington DC and 4 other countries! Yet over half of us still live in Texas. Did you know that you can use the interactive "Show Classmates On Map" link on the right and find your clasmate neighbors by zooming in on the map and moving your mouse pointer over a flaged classmate location living in your area. When you posistion the mouse pointer over a flag, the classmate's name will appear. Click on the name to view your neighbor's profile.